The Simple Power of What is Familiar 5/19/22

It happens…we’ve all had a time when we find ourselves in a situation that takes our stress levels, puts them in the washing machine and hits the spin cycle! No washing, no agitating, not even a soak - just straight into spin!


That's what my previous couple of months have felt like…life happens and we all go through things. 


At the time, we find ourselves in those moments of thinking no one understands exactly what we are going through. Really though, it’s not all about the event going on. It is more about how you are feeling and what you are going to do about getting through this, rising above it, growing from it and most importantly returning back to your true self.


Honoring these spinned out stressed emotions is like taking them, hanging them out on a clothesline on a beautiful sunny day and allowing them to bask in the sunshine, once again becoming the beautiful part of ourselves we show the world. They are refreshed, we have seen, heard and felt what we needed to and now we allow them to flap in the breeze and be fresh and light again…


OK….so there is still the question of what to do while going through the spin cycle!!! I mean when I am sitting here telling you how beautiful the calm and growth will be afterwards - is that not enough! LOL! Noooooooo it’s not! And to be honest for each individual we need to find what we know to anchor on to during the spin. For me, it was a small little branch!


I was almost 3000 miles from home, my environment was completely different then I am used to (think lush green to barren brown desert). I was dealing with tremendous stress and becoming increasingly aware every day just how removed from my environment I was. An environment of peace, a place so familiar that my spirit simply lifts when I step into it. A place that has helped me to become who I am now.


This new environment was pulling me back to an internal place I had not realized how much I had grown from. I had so many challenging circumstances surrounding me, I was losing myself! I felt trapped because the beautiful forests I flee to when I need to center were nowhere to be found. 


One day when I was feeling a swirl of emotions, when I remembered I had brought my Animal Spirit Guide cards. I grabbed them and out fell Cardinal. So at that moment I simply sat in silence and asked Cardinal what his message was for me…


Of all his gleaming little nuggets of wisdom he shared, one truly stuck out and saved me. He told me to quit focusing on what I don’t have and step outside and find something ‘familiar’ in nature. He told me that it would help to bring me back to who I am. I opened my eyes and saw the tree in the yard. There are not many trees where I was and I was so busy focusing on that, that I failed to see the small, beautiful one in front of me every day! 


So I approached her, I placed my hands on her, I let her know I was open and grateful for her healing energy. She gifted me a small branch, She told me to place it near my bed. That as I see it every day to remember how much strength is in even a teeny branch. That branch represents connection to even more, even when it is no longer attached to its source. 


Maybe for you, it will be something else. Finding what we need to remind us of not only who we are, but how strong we are is absolutely essential when going through those high speed emotional spin cycles! And, it's important that even when we feel alone during them, that the animals and nature are always willing to help bring us back, to anchor us, to shed some light on what we are not seeing. 


Most importantly, remember the spin ends, the clothesline appears and the process of returning to ourselves will happen. And we will be a bit brighter and fresher from it!

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