The Powerful Simplicity of Nature 11/6/20

When I talk with someone about Earth Magick, most often they look at me as if I am describing some ancient knowledge that takes years to understand. And there is truth to that, the earth is old and the wisdom, energy and power that resonates within is deep in ancient knowledge that takes time and practice to begin to understand. But what you need to also remember is that the earths energy is here for us all and using it to heal you at any time is as simple as walking the dog in the park!


This past week has been hectic for me, I am sure you can relate! We all have those weeks where it feels like we are running in a constant circle of home obligations, life responsibilities, the oh so freaking fantastic, I didn’t even think about needing to do that too, and of course those wonderful life fulfilling things that you want to do! Which for me is working on this newsletter, studying my Earth and Animal work, some craft projects and of course one of my favorite outlets – cooking! One day I am going to write about the healing power of the kitchen! But today it is about something so simple as walking the dog in the park.  My Monday provided a ton of bricks like changes, bringing some new stressors and the need to adapt to them. Then of course it seemed for 2 days I would be nonstop running errands. On Tuesday, the weather was cool and sunny, so I decided to leash up my dog Masha and take her along. She let me know she was feeling a little stir crazy, we have not had a chance to go hiking this past week…and those times in the woods enriches both of our souls. As we went from store to store, she became more anxious in the car. In other words she was screaming in my head – WHEN ARE WE STOPPING FOR ME TO GET OUT! I finally thought, she deserves a few minutes to get some good scent enrichment, so I grabbed a coffee and we made a detour to the park. This park has a nice trail we take sometimes when we just want a good dog walk, but today I was not dressed for that (good Fall boots don’t come cheap, lol). There is a huge open grass area, so I wandered over there with her and my coffee. She was so happy to be out and sniffing both the grass and fresh breezy air. She stopped a few times to lift her head, close her eyes and breathe it all in…I stood drinking my coffee, watching her and thinking about all I still had to do and my best options of time management. Slowly as I wandered in zig zag doggie circles with her I became aware of my body loosening, I found myself simply smiling, no longer feeling the stress of what I have not done. I became aware that not only was she having scent enrichment – I was too! I kept noticing how beautiful the grass looked, how much the breeze was making me feel alive. I felt JOY, whatever stress I had dragged from the car to this place a hundred yards away had just fallen off and was absorbed into the earth. The Earth or Gaia…this place that so selflessly heals us, recharges our spirit, reminds us the existence of the world is not just the four walls that surround us most days. I had been trudging through my week, getting irritated with all that I had to do, telling myself I need to find time to go hiking so I can center myself better, connect with Nature. And yet, this simple 10 minutes in the park with Masha reminded me and allowed Nature to do what Nature does at the moment, heal in the simplicity of what it is!


That feeling of simple happiness continued to flow with me throughout the day. I realized that while I felt I had to get out and hike, I didn’t NEED to get out and hike to feel connected to the earth, to hear the breeze, to simply release, ground and center. Just being in the moment, where I was, I was doing just that.  Don’t get me wrong! There is much to be gained from the practices of meditation, communicating with nature and with Gaia and these are a constant journey of growth and learning. Opening yourself up and quieting your mind to hear what the trees and animals have to say, takes time…and I hope that by sharing my experiences with you; you too will one day not just hug a tree – but FEEL that Tree’s Spirit! For now, remember that the incredible power that is flowing through all of Nature, all of Earth can simply be a part of your life by just taking a moment to have some scent enrichment outside! So do yourself a favor, no matter how this newsletter finds you today…take a moment, step outside for a few minutes, welcome it, feel it, thank it and know that in that moment you have connected with Gaia and let her work her powerful ‘simplicity’ through you!

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