About Me

I have been an animal communicator and nature intuitive all my life but started formally training and practicing in 2008.  Since then, I have worked with thousands of animals from all over the world. My passion is to help deepen the connection and understanding between people and their animals. I work with all types of animals, domestic and wild, covering many topics. My experience and training are in both Telepathic Animal Communication and Shamanic Animal Communication.


I began my journey of working with animals in the late 90’s when I studied and worked in the world of Marine Science. My area of focus was in Pinniped (seals, sea lions and walruses) research and behavior. I spent several years working with CA Sea Lions, Harbor Seals and Northern Elephant Seals along the California coast line and in Baja. In that time I spent countless hours just sharing space with them on beaches in the wild, observing behaviors and deepening my understanding of them. They are magnificent animals that are incredibly intelligent, and I am so grateful for the years I spent learning from them. 


I left this work to have my daughter and be a full time mom, this will always be my most treasured role in life! While raising my daughter I began a very deep dive into studying and working with flowers and herbs. This eventually led to my becoming an office manager for a naturopath and herbal apothecary. I spent days working with hundreds of herbs in tinctures, teas, powders, essences, oils and many other forms, learning all the ways they can heal us. 


During that time I had a dog named Jynx. Jynx had been abandoned at my work when she was 2 days old, I brought her home and for the next 14 years she was my constant companion. While I was managing the herbal apothecary she developed cancer and I was doing what I could to keep her comfortable and learn all the ways I could assist her naturally. I started studying holistic animal care and nutrition. One of the areas this led me to was canine massage & flower essence therapy. While I couldn’t do much for her with massage, I knew there were many other dogs I could help. I then became a certified canine massage therapist and started working with dogs in shelters. 

Jynx lived another 2 years and during that time as I was diving deeper into natural animal therapies, I decided to reach out to an animal communicator to hear from Jynx if she needed anything in her last few months. I had worked with communicators over the years so this wasn’t new to me. Shortly after our session I started thinking why am I talking with people about what the animal needs in a massage session…why not ask the animal? This led me to starting my communication training! Over the course of a year I completed several in person communication workshops, and I started applying this to animals I worked with privately and in rescue. 


Eventually I felt a strong calling to work in rescue and spent almost a decade managing programs at Best Friends Animal Society and Kitsap Humane Society. Of all the areas I worked in, the one that touched my heart the most was managing a transfer program. I evaluated animals that were in high kill shelters all over the country, including Hawaii, Guatemala, Puerto Rico and Guam. I worked with numerous partners to bring those animals to our humane society where they were successfully adopted. Over the course of three years I was honored to have transferred just under 7000 dogs and cats to our shelter. 



In 2019 I left working in animal welfare, I started feeling the effects of compassion fatigue and needed to make a change. This brought me to making animal communication my primary focus and full time business. 


Today, I share my home with and continually learn from my two rescues, Masha (dog) and Thor (cat). Working with animals is truly a part of who I am! Through years of training, experience and ongoing education, I always say I am walking my path, learning from the animals. Through them, I am honored to be a bridge that allows others to experience them on that deep level.