The Brilliance of a Snowflake 2/26/21

February is coming to an end and Spring is just around the corner! It may not feel that way for everyone depending on where you are, but believe me - it’s coming!  And with Spring comes new awakenings, ones within nature and ones within ourselves. But that is a topic for another newsletter, for now we are still in winter’s gentle hands and she has messages just as beautiful as the Spring does. 


This year, one of the ways I am working on my spiritual growth is in spending more time tuning in and listening to nature's messages. Talking with the many different elements, learning from them and in that growth sharing them with you. If you have ever wondered what the trees or wind has to say then we have much in common my friend. 


When you speak with nature, you are speaking with the spiritual essence of what you are connecting with. Truly, there is nothing in nature you cannot connect and learn from. And when you think there is - you will be proven wrong by that Spirit! Something delicate, gentle and beautiful can be a powerful reminder to never doubt - allow me to introduce you to a beautiful Spirit…..Snowflake!


As I write this, outside my window snowflakes are swirling everywhere. They are showing me the special dance they do as they drift and fall. After my experience of communicating with Snowflake I will never see these small wondrous specks of frozen water crystals the same. 


Come and share in my journey with me...


I set out a couple weeks ago to talk with Snowflake, I loaded up Masha (my dog) and headed to one of our favorite hiking places. On the drive there I kept is talking to snowflake any different than talking to water? Isn’t that really what it is, frozen water? Personally I am doing a lot of conversations with Water this year (that’s a story for another time) so really talking to snowflake is the same thing...right? So we parked, walked, enjoyed the snow, I got lost in my music and watching Masha play. Then there was a sound from the trees, you know that sound trees make in the snow when the world is quiet around you...I stopped, I realized I had totally dismissed why I was there! I had lost sight of my nature connection for that outing! I turned my music off, closed my eyes and listened...And was then SMACKED in the face with a flurry of snowflakes!! Following that was a beautiful message...


Snowflakes Message: “We are each individually beautiful, we are unique and we are connected. Yes we are a form of water, but each of us takes life in this process and each of us is an essence of Spirit. We are individually unique and as we come together we form what you only see as snow, but in our combined beauty and energy we form a new way of seeing the beauty around you. We have the gift to change the old tree that has fallen and give it a new appearance, allowing those that may have missed it before to truly see it now. Remember, we are an essence of Spirit and as we gently brush your face, know you are loved and welcome here, know that we are connected. We will melt, become one again as water flowing. It is all within the cycle and connection of all” .


I was moved by Snowflakes gentle message to me and I will never see the falling snow again the same. It was a reminder to me that every precious part of nature and the elements all have an equally important part in this intricately weaved web of life. Thank you for allowing me to share it with you.


I will be posting photos from our winter snow hike on my facebook page this weekend!


If you haven't yet, please follow my facebook page, Hearing Natures Voice to learn more about my moments in nature, messages from the animals, the elements and much more! If you are having trouble finding it, please scroll down through the page options, it's there! I look forward to sharing a space in nature with you!

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