Out of the Mouth of Bunnies 3/26/21

When in doubt - turn to nature! 


I realized the other day my newsletter commitment I have to myself was looming and I did not know what I was going to write about...ay yi yi...ever have those things happen to you? Please tell me I am not alone! 


Well I figured, it's Spring and I have been doing a lot of talking and teaching about what Spring is on a spiritual and personal level for us individually. Easy! 


Yeah…not so much! The words didn’t flow as I wanted. 


So this morning I was thinking about a class I did last week on Nature’s Calling us. I asked the group what immediately came to mind when I said “Spring” and someone mentioned bunnies. That gave me the thought that I should be writing this issue from the words of one of the animals that represents Spring - the Rabbit! 


So I sat down on this beautiful Spring morning and asked Rabbit Spirit what his message is to everyone - hope you enjoy and find a little inspiration!


Rejoice in the little things! Close your eyes and imagine a gathering of bunnies around you, focus on that joy, you can’t help but smile while filling up with the happiness that you feel from being among them, surrounding you. Lay in the grass with them, see the world through their eyes. They find and feel peace as they focus on what is in front of them, curiosity taking them to explore other areas. They don’t focus on the fear of the unknown - they follow what will bring them joy. As bunnies we bounce to celebrate our joy. Sometimes you need to put a ‘spring’ in your step to show others around you that joy!

I am not speaking from a place of being prey - I am speaking as Rabbit Spirit in a safe space. Don’t label yourself with fear of the unknown, it will only hold you back! Be aware of your surroundings but also live and love the moment. Take it all in while you are there! Think of the peace bunnies surround themselves with in the woods. Although they may have moments when they feel fear, they will once again return to that place of peace, focusing on what is making them happy once again. Living in the moment!

We are curious of the world around us. That is what you should all be right now in this time of new Spring - curious! Have fun with all that is ‘growing’ around and within you, explore everything! Cleanse your body and welcome with that the release of what you no longer need anymore. Fill your body with fresh new foods, like we are. The new green grass, the plants and flowers, they all fill us with beautiful clean new energy coming from mother earth. We as rabbits, take nothing for granted and understand the importance of our connection with the energy from the food that we take in. You all should as well.

Welcome Spring with curiosity, the fearlessness to get out there and live your best life. Don’t worry about what is around you, focus on what is front of you and trust your instincts - ALWAYS! It will be your guide to where you are safe, where happiness awaits you - IF you are willing to let go and ‘bounce’ in the newness of life!


Happy Spring my Nature Friends! May this season bring you many reasons to bounce and show your happiness to the world! 

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