Most everyone I meet in the metaphysical world always speak of ‘their gift’. Personally I have always struggled with this concept of what a ‘gift’ is. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not doubting or discrediting them and until recently I had personally struggled with even identifying if I had an actual gift. I have been told by others I have a gift, but for me I needed something I could say oh yeah - wow! That is a gift I have! 


So what was this life altering moment you ask?? 


I am blessed to have a circle of friends that I get to share and learn spiritual knowledge with. We meet once a month and take turns teaching the group about various topics in spirituality. Our last meeting held some unique interest for me - we were going to be connecting with our crystals or stones.


A little history on me and those shiny stones everyone gets so excited about!


As a nature intuitive, I have been actively practicing talking with Rocks, Trees, Plants, Animals, Water, and of course SnowFlakes for a while. Yet for some reason I had this strange almost aversion to Crystals...I know, weird huh! Everyone always says they are so surprised by the fact that I don’t have very many or work with them. Let me illuminate as to why that is! Everyone picks up Crystals and speaks of how they can feel the energy, how they connect with it within their body or spirit...I have only at best ever received teeny little shivers of energy from them. Yes, some did resonate with me and they are happily living with me now, but that was really all they were doing...sharing my home with me. OH how that has changed!


Back to my circle of friends - 


A gifted and beautiful friend was talking with us all about the stones, and she was teaching from what the stones wanted us to know about them. She had us bring our own stone/crystal to the meeting and we all practiced meditating to connect with our stones. And guess what??? I talked to mine! I wrote a page of messages that started coming through. Now this should not be greatly shocking considering all the nature communicating I do, but for was that moment that I realized I could talk to my stones the way I talk to all of nature. It immediately meant that it was ok if I didn’t feel something, because I connected in another way! I have been so busy dismissing crystals from my life because I didn’t feel them the way others did, I missed the most obvious point. Something I would have taught anyone else - how does it resonate with you? Find that and connect that way. Sigh….if only we listened to ourselves sometimes and not our pride. 


A very long story later, what I am wanting you to take away from this newsletter is that we DO ALL HAVE A GIFT! A gift that is our personalized signature on how we walk our paths, what we share with others. Embracing what you do that is unique to you, not what others do or feel. We all have to take that time to find our gifts and more importantly truly recognize them for what they are. This means not comparing ourselves to others around us that feel or do something we are interested in, it means finding your way of learning it. And once you find it - OWN IT! 

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