The Sunny Side of Sunflowers 9/24/22

Such a beautiful symbol of the summer and the days leading into Fall. The Sunflower has a fascinating history and if you take a moment the next time you see one, I am sure she will share some valuable little lessons as well!


Why the Sunflower you ask? I had the chance to spend time walking in a beautiful field of them recently and like many people, I am in awe of them whenever I see them. But this experience of walking among them, feeling their energy, a few moments immersed in their lives, left me changed and curious.


As someone that talks to animals and nature on a regular basis – you are probably expecting to read about what sunflower shared with me…but sometimes the gift is simply appreciating and taking the time to learn how powerfully symbolic something can be in our lives!


Here is some of what I learned about this stunning flower 🌻


Sunflowers have many meanings or as I like to think of it, gifts. They represent happiness, optimism, honesty, longevity, peace and devotion. The color yellow represents joy and laughter. Combine these and you have possibly the perfect representation of happiness! Plant a sunflower or bring one into your house and how can you not smile!


When our world may seem dark and hopeless…we are reminded by Sunflower to turn and look towards the sun, absorb that beautiful light that gives life and allow it to brighten your own inner bloom! This action that sunflowers do is considered symbolic of spiritual faith and following your belief system.


When you need that strength to carry on, the sunflower reminds us of vitality and longevity. They have an extensive root system that makes them drought tolerant and they possess the ability to absorb harmful toxic elements from the soil. This doesn’t harm them and it assists in cleaning the environment. This is a beautiful reminder of how much we can endure and still rise in our own beauty.


Sunflowers symbolize deep self confidence. It reminds you to face your fears and push forward to accomplish something that maybe you have been afraid of doing. And they are also considered a symbol for good luck when starting a new venture in life and will bring positive opportunities.


The sunflower has many more meanings and is rich in symbolism! You can find connections between the sunflower and numerous belief systems throughout history. And the variety of colors all have their own meanings too!


As we head out of summer and into Fall, the sunflowers are standing tall and taking in those last long beautiful gazes into the sun, reminding us to celebrate these last days of summer in joy. Take some time this week to appreciate a sunflower, if you can’t walk among them, then treat yourself and bring some into your home and let them inspire you!

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