A Mischievous Little Essence 2/12/21

Hello again my beautiful nature friends!  I imagine at this point you have wondered when the next newsletter was coming, what happened to this newsletter and did I give up on it…? I can 100% with total confidence tell you that I did not give up on this journey of mine! So….what happened you are asking? Without filling this page with gruesome details that have nothing to do with what this newsletter is about - I will tell you that in November I became very sick (not Covid), had to undergo 2 emergency surgeries and then spent 2 months on a beautiful healing journey. And just like my first newsletter, I had to once again have a chat with that dancing little mischievous essence also known as procrastination. Ay yi yi….what a chat we had!  


I had to journey within myself to discover and understand what is the reason I am not writing again? I loved what I was doing in writing this newsletter and had so much excitement for where it was going! What I discovered was simply inner fears from long ago experiences, those moments when we allow another to point out where we may be weak because of a lack of follow through. But I have to ask myself, is it weakness or was it just not the right time for something? Don’t get me wrong, follow through and completion of projects, tasks, and responsibilities is very important. But how we support others and most importantly ourselves during them is deeply imperative. This means letting go of those words, those judgments and opinions from others that do not lift us up.


Yes, there are things I wish I had followed through on, but I also have grown, learned more and followed through on other things that are most likely what helped to bring me here today! Our past can so easily hold us back when we find ourselves in our most vulnerable moments. It's important to view these times of procrastination, a fear of moving forward, of simply getting back up on the bike as something you work with and remold. Like my friend I introduced to you at the beginning of this newsletter - a dancing little mischievous essence. I see her now as playful in her task of trying to hold me back, which made me decide I could see her and smile, embrace her, hold her, and teach her a new dance! One that is in celebration for not holding back anymore!


In this dance of hers I am also reminded that I have to be realistic with my time and dreams! I have SO many I am working on bringing to fruition these days, which I am SO excited about! One of which is a website for Hearing Nature's Voice!! I truly hope you will visit it once I have it launched in March! 


Because I am working on so many new opportunities I have decided to do my newsletter every other week for now. And while this was not my plan for a newsletter this week, it is where my spirit directed me to write once I began. Believe me, I had a whole other direction planned!! But sometimes we simply have to go with it!  


Do yourself a favor - if there is something holding you back, envision it as something playful, something sweet, something you can bring into your arms, heal it, and change the perspective on. Then simply let it go… You are doing exactly what you should be doing right now to take you to where you are meant to be!  Allow stumbles along the path, for if our paths were clear with nothing on them, they would be very boring and all the same. 

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