Mr. Toad's Reality Check 8/27/21

Talking to animals, it's what I do! I see all living things as teachers, whether it is a dog I am speaking to for a client, a bird I see out the window, a squirrel in a tree or a small little toad on the corner! 


Most of the time the lessons are fun, sometimes they are deep, sometimes they are emotional, sometimes they force me to be introspective. Recently I had an encounter with a Deer in the woods, and when I realized I wasn’t taking the time to talk to her, she let me know sometimes it's not about communicating, but about just being present in the moment. And I did just that, I sat and shared space with her for 25 minutes, we just watched each other peacefully. I learned so much from that very quiet deep experience. 


I take for granted sometimes that all the animals will be as gentle as Deer was. A grumpy little Toad taught me that last night...


Last summer, Masha, (my 4-legged companion) and I were blessed to have many encounters with a very large and wise Toad! He met us almost every night in the same place during our evening walks. Some evenings I would even see him hopping out to greet us! He shared wisdom with me and was always kind in his lessons. I was thinking of him recently and realized the other day it’s been a year since I saw him. So while walking last night, I thought how wonderful it would be if we saw either our Toad friend or a new one! We walked and no one presented themself so I figured that was that. Then we turned a corner and this little Toad was just sitting there on the sidewalk. I shined the flashlight on him, he didn’t move, I squatted down closer to say hello, he didn’t move. My EGO then jumped in and decided he was there to meet me! I mean, why else would he be just sitting there?? Surely not just because he is a Toad enjoying his nighttime Toad patrol!


So I laid down on the sidewalk to get a picture of him (I always like to photograph the animals I meet). As I was laying there, he still never moved, not even a flinch! I tuned in, ready and open to gain some fabulous Toad knowledge…..and was very clearly told: “mind your own business and keep on walking” 


Seriously!! Did I just get told to mind my own business by a Toad?? 


I did! And after my initial reaction wore off and I stopped to think about what he said, I realized it was advice we need reminding of sometimes. We all have moments when we want space, when we just wish those around us would stop and recognize our boundaries. This was a reminder to speak your mind. We don’t always want to share our thoughts, spend our evening strolls with someone else, sometimes we just want to be alone with our own glorious wisdom. And just like Toad informed me, it's ok to own that moment, that feeling within ourselves. Maybe a smidge less rudley….but you get the point! 


Oh, and I did notice when I got home and looked at the photo of him, he is a grumpy looking Toad!! Regardless, love, light and gratitude goes out to him just the same!

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