Let Giraffe Lead the Way 6/19/21

Waking up and hearing the birds beautiful songs…

Morning coffee outside while watching the flowers open up and greet the day…

Listening to the sound the leaves make as the breeze goes through the trees...

Spring has fully woken up!  Now it’s your turn!


What do you want to learn this season?


What is inspiring you on a daily basis, making you want to stop what you are doing and GO FOR IT!  It is the time of year when we feel alive and thoughts of reviving our dormant dreams that swirled in our heads throughout the winter months are rippling through us looking for a way to be nourished! 


Personally, I am a Fall and Winter kinda girl, but the past couple years I have had to stop and recognize the sheer power that Spring into Summer brings! I find myself reawakening with nature, yet again! She is inspiring me to go after my dreams, my goals - plant my seeds and watch all the beauty that grows! Because really that's all it is...a seed! Your dreams - see them as small seeds and allow your belief to fertilize them into magnificence!


Belief is a strong elixir and just like anything, taking it is up to you! But sometimes we need help, a little back up never hurt anyone! That’s when I call on the Animal Spirit Guides - think of them as your own personal 1-click assistant (so to speak). 


A friend I have been turning to lately is Giraffe Spirit - He is a wonderful companion to call on when you have a clear goal that you are reaching towards but a little unsure of how to take those first steps to reach it. His long steady strides remind me to have confidence in the path I am walking and to be clear in my direction, always looking ahead.


The Animal Guides are there to assist us through many challenges, call on them and ask them for their assistance. Then continue at making those powerful little seeds grow into something beautiful that is no longer a dream...it’s a reality! And be sure to offer your gratitude in their assistance.


Be blessed, plant those seeds and embrace the journey my beautiful nature friends!

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